Lodges at Cannon Beach - Own a beach home for a fraction of the price.

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Located in Cannon Beach, Oregon, the Lodges at Cannon Beach are one of the latest additions to the Pacific Northwest's premier coastal destination. Made up of eight fully appointed condos, the (Phase 1) offering at the Lodges is comprised of a combination of whole ownership opportunities and shared or fractional ownership.

Fractional Ownership, or Shared Ownership, in real estate is a rapidly growing alternative to Whole Ownership designed so that each owner is deeded a specific interest (fraction) of a specific residence. Fractional ownership is a deeded property with the same rights as any other real estate purchase. Each co-owner owns a percentage of the property and is shown on the title and deed as an owner. It works very well for the family or individual that wants a vacation home or real estate investment, but does not want to pay the full price on a second home that they will only use for a few weeks a year.

The New York Times says "...fractional ownership offers an opportunity to buy at least a bit of a high-end vacation home." See entire NYTimes.com article.